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3 things I Would change with the Powerbuilt NZ site

They haven't added any meta descriptions

This is vital to entice traffic to your site. Meta descriptions are in most cases what earns the clicks. If its well written, tells the searcher what they want to know or draws them in to learn more they can be really beneficial.

Below, we can see the results with Repco doing it right. Repco has different meta descriptions, is far more engaging and crucially tells me what they sell - What is Repco and what the brand stands for are clear and concise. A+

Quite a few of the Powerbuilt product descriptions require formatting. A wall of txt isn't friendly on the eyes for scanning. We need some bold headings, spacing and bullet points to turn this product description into great easy to read info.

This is an original file size downloaded from their site. I'm sure the Nikon D70s did a great job but 895kb is too big these days for images.

The below image is the size of the file we could achieve when we go through a compression tool such as TinyJPG. For a site to have images that are in this case 84% less is a massive bump to loading speed.

Why does this matter? the potential customer will get the info they need faster. It helps your user experience to have a faster site, especially on mobile.

Powerbuilt runs on WordPress so across the board to help with the speed I would install WP Rocket (cache and minify for javascript and CSS) and Imagify plugins to help with the image file sizes without quality loss (very minimal).

We can see that the team at Bunnings have done a fantastic job making sure their pics are all well optimised.

In the words of the Taskmaster, Greg Davies. So, what have we learnt today?

We have learnt that you can use compression tools to make your images file sizes smaller, lowering your page load time and increasing user experience.

We have seen that a block of text wont cut it for product descriptions. When we scan a page its much easier when we have bold headings, bullet points and some spacing to break it up.

We know that you need different meta descriptions to give your pages a unique voice so your about page doesn't have the same text as your contact page on the google search results page.


This is not a dig at Alltrade / Powerbuilt. It is an explainer to show what I would change and how I would go about it to help them get some quick seo wins. Hopefully this article has helped you or identified some problems with your site that could be holding your SEO back!

If this helped you or you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch.