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Installing Fathom Analytics

What is Fathom Analytics?

Fathom Analytics is an easy to use yet powerful website analytics platform that protects digital privacy. It's GDPR compliant, therefore you don't need cookie notices on your website. At its core its a fantastic Google Analytics Alternative.

It shows insights into your sites visitors, where they come from and what device they are using. No steep learning curve and fast actionable outcomes.

Installing Fathom is very easy with Rocketspark and only requires a few steps!

  1. Login to your Rocketspark dashboard.
  2. Click on Get Found(SEO).
  3. Scroll down to the custom <head> tracking code. Add tracking code to your site, this will appear directly after the opening <head> tag.
  4. Navigate to the sites page on Fathom - HERE.
  5. If you have not set up your site, do this now.
  6. Click on the site name and it will show your Embed Code.
  7. Paste this in to the <head tracking code> (STEP 3).


Don't forget to remove the Google Tracking code on the Get Found(SEO) page. You don't need it anymore.

Google Tag Manager on Rocketspark

Google Tag Manager on Rocketspark

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Disclaimer: I am not an expert on the situation with GDPR or policy, but Fathom are, so check out their website for more information. I am a customer of both Fathom and Rocketspark.