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I know every business needs something a little bit unique. I don't do cookie cutter, I'm about finding what fits you and your team. This is an SEO company that works with clients and provides only the services you need.

What your customers are searching for could be different to your targeting keywords. Let's align that search intent.

On page SEO and Audits

Website and competitor audits, Google search SEO, Local SEO, Link building and other SEO services. I can cater to your digital marketing requirements.

Social Media Marketing

I would refer you to a local social media agency in Christchurch. Jaime from Dinky Media can get that engagement ball rolling with a specialized social media plan to suit your product or service. When SEO is paired with social media that's a winning combination.

Effective One Page Websites

I can design and set up quick 1 page (Landing Page) websites that are fast, look good, are lightweight and perform. Just like this one.

Podcasting SEO Services

Starting a podcast for your business? I can help with introductions on collaborations or guesting, advertising, show notes and directories to post your podcast to get maximum coverage.

Podcast Set up for your business - Gear recommendations, tools, hosting and tutorials. If local I can even come in and guide you and the team through the recording to get that great sound.

Episodes can be used for many different marketing purposes (and are great for links) ensuring you have great content across all your social channels.

General Design and Copywriting

I work with and can recommend great creatives like Creafix Design that can help with logo design, web design, social media banners and more to get that fresh new look.

More to come,

The more we grow the more we can offer!


Read reviews from real kiwi's that have seen real benefits from Conveyor's search engine optimization services.


Jaime - Dinky Media

“Dean and ConveyorSEO has been one of the best investments I have made within my business. My search ranking has gone from #(I’m not sure what it was!) to being on the first page of Google; I didn’t think that was possible without paid advertising. Dean is a pleasure to work with and will go above and beyond to help! I highly recommend ConveyorSEO!”


Tony - Jim's Building Inspections NZ

Since Dean has taken over our SEO campaign, we’ve had extremely promising results. I know it takes a while for SEO to have any visual progress, but I am pleasantly surprised.

The building inspections industry can be complex but Dean has done his research and the copy that he sends to me for proofing has been almost on the button which means less work for me.

His reporting is informative, up to date and the data trends the way we want it to. We are looking forward to climbing the scale with our SEO rankings using Deans services well into the future.

About me.

Who am I, why is SEO my career path? and importantly, why should you work with me?

A new journey into SEO marketing

Hi, I'm Dean - Husband, proud New Zealander, Motorsport fan and Canterbury is my home.

Marketing is an exciting venture for me as most of my career has been spent in sales for Chemical companies and joinery. I've always been based in Christchurch but still travel a lot. SEO genuinely intrigues me and I have a very competitive nature. I love to talk with people and it brings me joy to know that a business is growing and thriving.

What makes you qualified to do this you ask? In 2012 I completed a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing. Through this course, I've become competent in services and product marketing. For the last couple of years, I have been doing the Social Media, marketing, outreach to guests (mostly international) and production for a well-established podcast which has seen some great growth.

I use the best SEO tools in an easy to understand format to help your business not only navigate to the top of the rankings but stay there and thrive.

I know I can help every business I work with.


Dean Warwick, Conveyor SEO


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